Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a group practice different?

At Hill Country Dental Associates, we believe that when you join our family of patients, you should see the same doctor and hygienist every time. One of the great benefits to our group practice, however, is the built-in opportunity for your doctor to collaborate with the others in the practice and share ideas for your best outcome. Additionally, if you have an unexpected need arise while your doctor is away from the office, you can rest assured that we’ve got you covered–you’re in great hands with the other members of our team.

I've haven't had my teeth checked in years because I'm so fearful. Can your dental office help me?

Helping to relieve dental anxiety starts with our friendly, caring team and welcoming office atmosphere. If you think dentistry would be easier for you if you could just “check-out,” after you check-in, we can help there, too. We offer multiple types of conscious sedation to help you relax and receive the care you need and want.

I'm looking for an office where my entire family can be seen. Do you provide dentistry for families?

Yes! We’re family owned and operated and want your family to be just as happy in our office as we are. Our patients range in age from 12 months to over 100 years old, each with his or her own unique needs. Whether you’re a kid, a parent, or even a great grandparent, there’s a place for you at Hill Country Dental Associates!

What if I've put off my dental treatment because I'm afraid it will cost too much?

Today’s dentistry offers a variety of options and solutions for any budget. With financing options through CareCredit, easy monthly payments are available so you can receive the care you need without breaking the bank.

How do your doctors stay current with the latest concepts in modern dentistry?

In Texas, dentists are required to obtain 12 hours of continuing education each year. In our office, every year our doctors average about 100 hours of continuing education covering various topics. Our commitment to life-long learning enables our entire team to stay up-to-date with materials, technology, and techniques to provide you with the best dental care possible.

What do you call a bear with no teeth?
A gummy bear!

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